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My name is Rebekah (formerly Twin Blessed Photography)! I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart with twin teen girls and a five year old. All girls. Whew. We live in the country with a dog, chickens, and two cats.

Growing up, my dad was a hobbyist photographer and I always admired his photographs. In September 2011, my parents lost their home in the wildfires that raged across Central Texas. The fire took all of our keepsake family pictures. 

The combination of the birth of my children and the loss of so many treasured pictures sparked something within me. It was a desire to learn, study, grow, and teach myself how to make beautiful images for my family. And I love sharing that ability with others. With each session, I sincerely strive to capture and document moments in time for others that they will treasure for a lifetime.

What else about me? I was a labor & delivery nurse for 10 years before I became a mommy. I believe in Jesus!

~ Rebekah 

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